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Everything you need to know about partying at Big Omaha

Excited and honored to lead a group yoga session at Big Omaha next month! Last year I worked the conference as a volunteer because I had just launched Welcor Enterprise Yoga and had zero dollars. 

This year I’m not only leading a group yoga practice at the conference, but I’m working one-on-one with some of the speakers for private yoga and meditation sessions. All on the heels of celebrating a super successful first year in business. What a difference 365 days makes. Feeling grateful.

Click the link above to see the full announcement of all the opportunities to socialize at the conference.

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Day 11 - Girl Power

This week I’ve had the chance to spend time with a lot of pretty awesome women. I think recently it’s felt a lot more important to be surrounded by smart, strong women. I want to be around women (some guys would be ok too, but it doesn’t seem quite as important) who are on the same path as I am and can help show me the way. I also want to share my experience and be a resource in return.

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Day 9 - None of Your Business

I heard a quote recently that was something like, “What other people think of me is none of my business”. We’ve been talking about this in the meditation workshop series. Time and energy spent thinking about what other people think of us is a complete waste for several reasons…

1. We’re totally speculating. There’s no way to know what someone else is thinking. I’ve proven that right more than once.

2. It doesn’t matter. It’s just their opinion. We should treat them the same way whether or not we think they like us. I’ve definitely been working on that right now.

3. It’s more likely how they feel about us is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. So there’s not much you can do to change it.

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Day 8 - Living the Dream

Yoga and meditation are at the core of what I do, but it’s more about using the techniques as part of a toolkit to help people live their happiest most fulfilled lives. I don’t promise to have all of the answers. But I can help you start asking the right questions to get the answers you seek. At the end of the day, it’s about empowering people to be brave enough to think they deserve to live a life they’ve only dreamed about.

I believe this so strongly because it’s been my experience. Two years ago I was studying yoga in India before I moved to London, where I thought I was settling for good. “For good” ended up 4 ½ months before I ran out of options and after 21 months traveling the world returned to Omaha.

My husband and I - newlyweds - decided to stay in Omaha because the job prospects and cost of living seemed better. I got to final interviews with a few companies that I thought I was excited about (potentially) working for. But eventually I was deemed a flight risk and ultimately didn’t get hired.

In the meantime, I started teaching more yoga classes out of necessity because I wasn’t able to cover the bills completely with consulting. In April 2013 I decided to start the corporate yoga business I’d planned on starting in London in Omaha, thus Welcor Enterprise Yoga was born.

The first year was hard. There were times I wanted to give up. It took longer than I thought to gain traction and buinesses at first weren’t as receptive as I thought they’d be. With the support of my amazing family and close friends we made it out of the first year profitable. I make about ½ as much money as I did before, but my quality of life is so much richer.

Right now I’m planning for things (international retreats, becoming a published author) that were only a pipe dream 2 years ago. Had I gotten one of those well paying jobs with great benefits that I so desperately wanted I ‘d be a lot farther away from realizing my dream of being an entrepreneur AND published author. I wouldn’t have been writing or teaching yoga because I wouldn’t have needed the money. And I’d be plotting along doing the same things that were making me miserable and literally drove me out of the country. Because I’d be comfortable.

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Day 4 - Creative Visualization Exercise

A creative visualization I came up with as part of my 2014 Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference talk. 

Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Focus on your breath as you breathe in and out of the nose. WIth each exhale let go of any stress or tension in the body or mind. As thoughts come in to your head, let them go and gently return the awareness to the breath.

Begin to think about your career or work life. What does success look like for you? Think about every detail. What would it take for your to feel completely fulfilled in your work life? What needs to change for you to get there? How can you make space for those changes? What can you do in the next week to take immediate action towards reaching this success. Imagine how you’ll feel when you are passionate about your work and feel rewarded in every way for your efforts. Feel that success right now in this moment as if you’re already there. Know that the entire universe supports your success.

Start to think about the relationships in your life. What would it take for your to feel 100% fulfilled by all of your relationships. What would your relationships look like? What changes would you need to make in those relationships to feel more fulfilled? How can you make space for those changes? Imagine how you’ll feel when all of your relationships are genuine and supportive and productive. Feel that your are deeply satisfied with all of your relationships right now in this moment. Know that the entire universe supports your success.

Begin to think about your financial situation. What would it take for you to feel successful with regard to personal finances. What needs to shift for you to start working towards that place? How can you make space for those changes? Imagine how you’ll feel when you reach your financial goals. Begin to feel how you will once you reach your goal right now in this moment. Know that we live in an abundant universe where there is always enough for us, too.

Begin to imagine your dream life in 10 years. Forget about the “how” and allow yourself to think big. Remember that in 10 years anything is possible. Imagine where you’ll be living, the people around you. How will you spend your days? Transport yourself to that time and place right now in your imagination. Feel as if you are there right now. Imagine every detail. Feel the joy of living your dream life right now and take a deep breath and savor the experience.

As you feel ready bring your awareness back into the body and blink your eyes open.

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